Bringing together Leaders who seek to make a Sustainable Impact on our World

The Global Institute at LIU has revolutionized the concept of service for greater world good and become the leading voice and premier platform for creating and encouraging the model global citizen who will impact their communities and far beyond. This unprecedented initiative makes LIU one of the first institutions in the US for integrating this extraordinary character-building theme and latest technological advancements into its vast curriculum, inventive projects and unique, high-profile events.

In a world that’s increasingly uncertain, complex and volatile, the Institute’s nonpartisan mission includes bringing world leaders, dynamic thinkers and top analysts together to analyze current global events and introduce new models of social entrepreneurship.

The Global Institute gathers the best minds to address critical issues with a focus on developing a better and sustainable world. It works to deepen understanding of international affairs and develop an appreciation of the world in order to foster important dialogue, impact the national and global conversation… and create meaningful innovations and innovators that will lead, inspire and serve to change the world.

“This Global Institute will bring world leaders to the region, introduce new brands of strategic thinking and problem solving.”

– General Colin Powell


Consul General of France, Anne-Clare Legendre

President Bill Clinton

General David Petraeus

President George W. Bush

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell

Vice President Joe Biden



  • Social Innovation
  • Diplomacy and Science
  • Technology and Sustainability
  • Data Science fort Global Social Impact



  • Youth Civics Summit
  • Ambassador Speakers Series
  • Model UN Engagement
  • Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Bi-partisan Debates



  • Service Pledge
  • Day of Service
  • Service Honor Roll
  • 100 Small Ideas to Change the World
  • Corporate Service Awards